Get better transport quotes
from your trusted Carriers

Use Loadar's dynamic pricing model to enhance efficiency with your trusted Carriers. This more collaborative approach is better for the Carriers and therefore more cost effective for Shippers.


Post a job for your Carriers to dynamically price

Easily post a job for your Carriers to dynamically compete for. Job can be a part load, single load or multiple loads of any type. Shippers can be specific about their additional requirements. Shippers control which Carriers can see their jobs.


You decide which Carriers compete for your job

Choose from your own trusted carriers or select from our existing pool of reliable carriers. This flexibility allows for establishing and fostering strong relationships with carriers, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy partnership.


Have the job matched through our dynamic pricing model

Loadar facilitates efficient transport matching through the auction process. Selected carriers have the opportunity to bid on the posted jobs, ensuring healthy competition and driving competitive pricing. This streamlined approach allows shippers to find the most suitable carrier for their specific requirements, optimising the transport process and achieving cost-efficiency.


Call off Loads and communicate with the Carriers

Streamline load management and communication with carriers. GPS tracking via the Loadar driver app ensures real-time location updates. Utilise the integrated chat feature for seamless communication, and stay informed with live status updates and reports for enhanced transparency and efficiency throughout the transport process.

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