Automate and Optimise your Transport Procurement and Management

Loadar transforms how Shippers work with their trusted Carriers. We provide the tools for simple collaboration, making transport procurement and management more efficient.


Saved transportation costs through streamlined procurement


Productivity increase through automated processes


Better control over the transport through tracking, reports and communication

What do we do?

Price and Contract settlement through our procurement tools

Streamline everyday logistics operations via Comms and Admin.

Provide real-time transport visibility through load tracking and reports

Integrate fully with your
Enterprise systems.

Transport Procurement

  • A full range of procurement tools for all your transport needs
  • 15% reduction in cost of transport with dynamic pricing model

Transport Visibility

  • Real-time updates about the status and progress of the loads
  • Improved customer service & satisfaction with real time tracking

Relationship with Trusted Carriers

  • You're in control of the Carriers that win on your transport jobs
  • Direct communication with trusted Carriers via the real-time chat.

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