Transforming how Shippers
connect to Carriers

Loadar is an online transport management platform where Shippers connect to trusted Carriers.

How does it work?

Shippers post jobs on Loadar to connect to Carriers. Shippers control which Carriers can see their jobs.

Carriers search for jobs to suit scheduling needs.

Shippers and Carriers use the Loadar management platform to manage their transport activity.

Drivers use mobile app to way find, pick up, transfer and deliver loads.

Why Shippers Love Loadar?

  • You're in control of the Carriers that bid on your jobs
  • Job auctions yield lower prices than fixed price per lane (Shippers already on board are achieving 8% savings)
  • Ship one load or an unlimited number of loads over your chosen job duration
  • Automatically generate load paperwork, schedule loads and communicate with Carrier partners
  • Track your loads online
  • Always free for Shippers to use. No exceptions.
Shipper UI
Place a bid form

Why Carriers Love Loadar?

  • Build relationships directly with your Shippers
  • Communicate directly with the Shipper through Loadar and be paid directly by the Shipper
  • Get clear instruction from Shippers about load schedules and assign loads to drivers
  • Bid on jobs which match you schedule for reduced dead mileage and better efficiency

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