About Loadar

Optimising the relationship between Shippers and their trusted Carriers

Loadar is an online transport management system which makes working with your trusted Carriers easier and more cost efficient. Shippers post loads, from single pallets to multi load contracts, and Carriers bid on the loads in an open and transparent way.

Shippers benefit from open competition for their loads, control of who carries their loads and ability to track their loads.

Carriers have much improved capability to increase utilisation and negate the need for sub-contracting by having a direct link to the paying Shipper.

Our Founder

The vision and the drive for Loadar comes from our CEO Ciaran Doherty. Ciaran’s journey to Loadar has been a 25 year working life steeped in producing and moving high volume goods to some of the world’s biggest retailers, foodservice customers and healthcare providers. Ciaran passionately believes Loadar can help our planet by making freight logistics more efficient by connecting the right Shippers with the right Carriers and nurturing relationships based on trust.

Our Vision

Loadar will be the trusted digital medium to connect Shippers to Carriers globally. By transforming current methods Loadar will facilitate step change improvements in load fill, driving economic and environmental benefits for both sides of the marketplace.

Our Mission

Trust and transparency will underpin each step of our user experience. Built on this foundation of trust and transparency Loadar will offer a simple and intuitive user experience which makes the business of freight logistics easier for everyone.

Our Team

Bonded by a common passion to transform the global freight logistics industry the Loadar team are a perfect blend of internationally experienced logistics experts and transformative tech entrepreneurs. Individually we have the ingredients and collectively we have the common purpose to transform and make a genuine change for good.

Pricing Model

In the Loadar marketplace, the Shipper determines the price by setting both the “secure it now” low price for the load and also the “maximum” price they are prepared to pay for the load. The Carrier opts to either immediately close the deal by accepting the “secure it now” price or placing a bid below the “maximum” price. Shippers already on board are achieving 15% savings.