About Loadar

Optimising the relationship between Shippers and their trusted Carriers

At Loadar, we're transforming the collaboration between Shippers and Carriers. Our multi-modal solutions cover road, sea, air, and rail, streamlining logistics. We enhance Carrier efficiency to reduce costs for Shippers.

Loadar simplifies transport sourcing, providing direct tools for Shippers to collaborate with Carriers. We eliminate the need for outsourcing, offering an efficient and powerful solution for freight management.

Our Founder

The vision and the drive for Loadar comes from our CEO Ciaran Doherty. Ciaran’s journey to Loadar has been a 25 year working life steeped in producing and moving high volume goods to some of the world’s biggest retailers, foodservice customers and healthcare providers. Ciaran passionately believes Loadar can help our planet by making freight logistics more efficient by connecting the right Shippers with the right Carriers and nurturing relationships based on trust.

Our Vision

Loadar envisions a future where transportation is not just a service but a strategic advantage for businesses worldwide. We strive to be at the forefront of the logistics industry, continuously pushing boundaries to offer cutting-edge solutions. Our vision is to create a connected and efficient ecosystem that empowers Shippers and Carriers, fostering collaboration, sustainability, and growth. As we evolve, Loadar aims to set new standards for excellence, becoming the go-to platform for streamlined and effective freight management.

Our Mission

At Loadar, our mission is to empower businesses by revolutionizing the logistics landscape. We are committed to providing innovative, multi-modal solutions that optimize the relationship between Shippers and Carriers. Through our platform, we aim to simplify transportation processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, ensuring a seamless and reliable supply chain for our clients.

Our Team

Bonded by a common passion to transform the global freight logistics industry the Loadar team are a perfect blend of internationally experienced logistics experts and transformative tech entrepreneurs. Individually we have the ingredients and collectively we have the common purpose to transform and make a genuine change for good.