Simplify Communication
with your Transport Partners

Loadar is an online transport management system which simplifies communication with your trusted carrier partners, providing real-time updates and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Simplified Communication
Streamline communication with trusted Carriers using a centralized system that facilitates efficient collaboration for transport jobs.
Real-time Insights
Receive real-time updates on shipment status, load location, and any potential delays to ensure efficient transport management.
Clear and effective communication leads to improved resource allocation, increased productivity, and overall operational efficiency.

How does it work?

Real-time Chat

  • Shippers can engage in real-time chat with carriers through the Loadar platform, enabling instant communication.
  • Direct communication with trusted Carriers enhances efficiency and ensures timely responses to queries or issues.
  • Ensure smooth operations, ultimately reducing potential delays and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Documents Sharing

  • Shippers can request various documents, such as carrier certificates and insurance, from their existing or new carriers through the Loadar platform
  • Files are securrely stored and can be accessed at any time, ensuring easy retrieval and eliminating the hassle of searching through multiple emails or physical paperwork.

Proof of Delivery

  • Streamline the Proof of Delivery process by digitizing it.
  • Capture additional data points during the POD process, such as load photos, or delivery notes.
  • Integrate POD data with your ERP system to ensure efficient data transfer and better visibility.

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